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It has been an exciting time at HotspotRF. We just got our very own bare metal server, codename Reaper, that holds our ETL! You can check out the dashboard here of Reaper. With the implementation of Reaper, it has unlocked a lot of doors from being able to conduct calculations, offer as a backup for services like Helium Tracker, but most importantly we are able to handle our newest implementation – wallet tracking.

Wallet tracking?! Absolutely! Tracking of Helium wallets is currently free, as we only charge for our artificial intelligence simulations, but even the smallest package subscription gives us the ability to not only have the hardware but push some amazing updates. Be sure to check out our packages here.

Now back to our awesome release. Once you’re a registered member of HotspotRF – here. You can now just add wallets. It’s incredibly simple too. You click “add wallet”, on the left side you can search either by name of hotspot, enter the wallet address directly or even enter the hotspot address itself! You’ll be soon able to see a list of hotspots attached to that wallet, select it and click “add wallet” to officially add it! From there you’ll quickly see the rewards summary of that wallet and all the other wallets you’ve added as well.

Now every time you load up the HotspotRF portal, you’ll have a quick view of your wallets. We’ll soon be adding a trove of more features to make it more versatile, but for now we hope you enjoy this nice addition to our portal.

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